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Location: Brooklyn, New York

Design Collaboration Project

Fashion is fun.

Fashion is colour.

A collection created to embody moments that make us feel most confident about ourselves. For me, these moments are those of whimsy that bring out vibrancy in my personality. I used textiles as a platform to experiment with different graphic designs & compositions.

An abstract concept made possible by channeling Wassily Kandinsky's method of painting the inner psyche. This is done by treating colors as independent compositional elements serving not merely to represent objects but living an independent life of their own. 

Fashion is fun.

Fashion is colour.

Fashion Design, Textile Design

& Visual Design

Apparel & Accessories: Shriya Seshadri

Photographer : Justin Battista
Models : Asia Lopez, Marina Minchenko, Kirani Aziza
Mua/Hair : Cirsty Burton


Paintings by Kandinsky

Colors :

Photoshoot and Make-up Theme 


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