Digitally Printed Textiles

Home textiles inspired by French Artist Henri Matisse's 'Paper Cut-Outs'.

My aim was to present a fresh take on color, design and identity for home goods and to maintain a balance between subtlety and novelty. For this, I worked with a modern primary color palette and simple accent shades to elevate the prints. All of the prints have nature-derived motifs - similar to Matisse's inspiration for his Paper Cut-Outs.

The final graphic design prints were created digitally through repeated collaging and color-blocking to achieve their abstract quality and then printed on to Belgian Linen and Cotton Broadcloth.

Fashion Design, Textile Design

& Visual Design

Primary Colours


206, 35, 95

Secondary Colours


241, 89, 34

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 2.58.47 PM.png

45, 101, 163

207, 219, 234

239, 204, 3

Textile Prints

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Hand Towels

Cushion Covers

Table Cloths