Misook, New York

Fashion Design, Textile Design & Graphic Design

As an offshore Freelance Fashion Designer for Misook, I am responsible for 

creating knit textile swatches based on references and color-palettes. I am also responsible for plugging the chosen textiles into silhouettes and designs that best suit Misook's aesthetic and provide the optiomal design-textile balance.

Additionally, I make detailed technical techpacks for all my designs and for some of the designs created by the on-site design team. 

Knit Textile & Swatches CADs

Knit textile patterns created on Photoshop and Illustrator. 


Woven Textile Print and CAD

Woven textile print made into a repeat on Photoshop.

The textile is used in different cardigan CADs and completed with lace trim accents.

Long Cardigan Silhouettes

Woven Textile: Printed Chiffon