Screen printing using a silk screen print on colored cotton fabrics.


The collection is inspired by positive and negative spaces created by stripes found in different settings. These stripes are deconstructed into graphic elements and designs & then into simple black and white paintings on cotton fabric. The paintings are further deconstructed and rearranged digitally to obtain a silk screen pattern.

Fashion Design, Textile Design

& Visual Design

Stripes photographed in different settings


Paintings on cotton fabric only using black paint to add

focus on positive and negative space. 

Repeats created after digitally distorting 

the painted black & white stripes.

Scale and placement accuracy of motifs are decided

through designing a simple shift dress and placing the

motif over the dress. 

Final design transferred on the screen


A bold color palette inspired by Afro's painting, 'Yellow Country'.

Although the painting consists predominantly of earthy tones, I focused on lifting the

more subtle and quirky colors and using them as my primary shades.

I swapped Afro's palette of using earthy tones to using his accent colors as a main feature with earthy neutrals to create an exciting contrast. 

'Yellow Country', Afro

Primary :

Secondary :